Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Acrobatic Soul of Fuffa

The King, courtesy of The Gizu

Saturday. Yes. The Fuffa. Once again. You know where. You know that you want to be there, since a new genre of DJ set is going to debut: the Acrobatic Soul. Which is like Acrobatic Rock'n Roll,but without acrobats and with PelinkoJazz. Guest stars: Patrick Samson, Gregorio Pongo and - maybe - Gianluca Novel & Andrea Babich. In obsessive rhythms lies the key of tribal rites.


Anonymous said...

Advertising space? :D
come on come back on msn, it's more than a month that you don't honor me with your presence!

B. said...

Please stop using this blog for personal communication, you damn stalker. Use MSN, instead:D