Monday, 20 July 2015

A Videogame Summer

Lead Singer: Marco Calcaterra aka THE SANGRE
Game Boy Arrangiamentos & OOOH LA LA LA: Andrea Babich

Video: Marco & Roberto Calcaterra

Another visitor. Stay a while, stay forever! Another summer brings another nightmare, Another season blinded by the light. Here's their perfect recipe for relax: Human sacrifice into the sun. I cannot seem to have a conversation, everybody acts like a fool. Cannot give my brain this humiliation: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

The Sun is shining, don’t be sad, everyone’s going to the beach. You can stay home all by yourself playing your favourite videogames. Stop the whining, grab your pad. Let's meet online and fight the dead. Just face your fears and carry on playing our favourite videogames. Life was meant to be more than this, Oooh la la la ah, so give me a sale on Steam and a leaderboard to win.

While you're catching fire in your boredom, I breeze along the freeway with my car. Though I've got some blisters on my fingers, I will never let go of my pad. I'm thirteen again and this regression means I have more time for myself . I will stand against massification. (DESTROY HIM, MY ROBOTS)

The Sun is shining but not for long, everyone disappears again. What a pathethic world of ghosts moving around like NPCs! How uninspiring this can be, gaming you can do anything: you can ride trucks and pick up girls playing your favourite videogames.

In the end, you see, life is clearer now: They'll never understand, and I'll never change my game.

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Ma è fantastica!