Saturday, 29 December 2007

The legend of the skiing game with no name

The skiing game with no name,
prototype, HAL Labs for Commodore, 1983

Hi, and welcome to the last post of the year, which could be aptly titled “Games nobody ever cared about except for me and my monkey”. Even before becoming a videogames journalist, I always had to fight in order to make the world appreciate this or that wonderful, unknown game. You know the feeling: you love a book/record/movie/game SO MUCH and nobody seems to understand your passion… You HAVE TO do something.
First of all, I’d like to make you play the game I’m talking about: the Skiing Game With No Name. Then, I’ll tell you the amazing story behind it.

You can download the game by clicking

(You have just downloaded a wholly functional Commodore 64 emulator, to tell the truth, but this concept may have in your brain the same effect of the ocean put in a sand bucket, so let’s pretend you only downloaded a little skiing game).

And, if you have a PC instead of a posh Mac, you can also play it. Open/unzip the downloaded “” file somewhere. Then click on the “play_ski.bat

The keys:
F1/F3: Start a 1 or 2 players match
CTRL: accelerate (use it most of the time)

Have fun. If there’s REALLY someone in the whole world interested in having fun this way – except for me and my monkey.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

30570 atm :|
Note: be sure to have at least 1 gb ram and no background programs, I'm not joking.

I'll play this 'till i'm so f***ng crazy I can't follow their rules

Molta Gente said...

ma la tua scimmia quante teste ha?

B. said...

3 teste la mia scimmia!
250000 punti circa il mio record!

Anonymous said...

Uno dei migliori giochi degli albori del C64 e giocabilissimo ancora oggi. :)

Anonymous said...

scusa come caspita hai fatto a fare 250000 =) tu sei malato =)
Buon anno!