Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Our first original Christmas carol

Written, performed, recorded and directed by
Andrea Babich & Marco Corsi
on the evening of December 14, 2007. All rights reserved.

Me and my friend Marco Corsi met last Friday with no particular plans apart from pizza, wine and guitars. Then, something happened. Someone (maybe the Ghost of Xmas Present) decided that we had to compose our first Xmas song. And we did it, amazingly fast, without rehearsing too much, with a very relaxed attitude. The result is this little song, which is great because it's humble, and it's written and performed in a fifty-fifty style by Marco and me (it's very rare to compose with such a balance, as Lennon McCartney knew). Two voices, two guitars, some mandatory jingle bells and that's all.
Here are the lyrics (where Xmas clichés meet Bisboch clichés...):
Outside it’s cold
See what I hold
A paper comet I can’t fold

Soon I’ll be gone
but I’m not alone
I hear the children sing a song

Oh let it snow
I waited all the year to grow
Oh let it snow
The xmas time is coming
The xmas tree is here again

Baby baby it’s xmas time again
Baby baby it’s xmas time
Baby baby it’s xmas time again
Baby baby it’s xmas time… again.

I’m not made of stone
I’m made of snow
One day I’ll melt in (the) April sun

Life is a flake
Floating above
All those emotions I can’t show
Oh let it snow (etc).
Hope you like the song (the video was assembled quite randomly, please bear with us). This is our way to celebrate Christmas with you. Merry Christmas!


Fabio Bortolotti said...

This comment is written only to make sure that Baddo won't be the first. Nice song btw.

Molta Gente said...

bravi guys. mi piace molto.

Anonymous said...

I hate you fabio :lol:

I know that lol won't appear as an emoticon but it's nice to put the double dots to remark the meaning of


I should say much more times the word with the f coause you still refuse to write CRHIST.
Except fot the title, and that's why I won't tell profanities anymore.

The song is very nice, is it really written by you guys? Nice work!
Since it's not for commercial purpose and my DownloadHelper can't get it, can you make it downloadable from somewhere? I'd like to put it in my xmas compilation near Thank god it's christmas.
I'm F-ing serious.

Anonymous said...

Buon natale maestro, e a tutta la famiglia!