Saturday, 8 December 2007

First session with my new band

The Bisbochs, performing for the first time "I Feel Just Like A Child", a song by Devendra Banhart. Video directed by Andrea Babich.

The band is terrible. It's hard to play with someone else when you're used to play on your own. Gotta kick out that guy with maracas. Really. He ruined everything, seconds before someone else did it! Al least they could remember to turn the cell phone off while in the studio...

Anyway. We, the Bisbochs, are so happy to celebrate the genius of Devendra. And, if you read the lyrics later in this post, you'll understand why we want to dedicate this crazy groove to those wonderful pregnant women we know, love and respect.

This was my first attempt at video editing, and I had so much fun doing it. I used a program called Vegas, and even if I don't have comparison terms, it seemed to me quite user friendly. It took me 10-12 hours to do everything, from choosing the song to rendering the final cut. I decided to adopt a "take 1" philosophy: after rehearsing each musical part a couple of times, I recorded it, choosing not to re-record it again in case of errors. Even if vocals are a little bit of a miracle, the global result is a complete mess, totally out of tempo. But here come also my technical limitations at video editing: I couldn't figure how to sync stuff. Then comes my gear: the integrated sound card of my laptop and an EyeToy. A lo-fi playground... That's perfect, when you feel just like a child.

Well, I feel just like a child
Yeah, I feel just like a child
Well, I feel just like a child
From my womb to my tomb I guess
I'll always be a child
Well some people try and treat me like a man
Yeah, some people try and treat me like a man
Well, I guess they just don't understand
Yeah, some people try and treat me like a man
They think I know shit, but that's just it
I'm a child
Well, I need you to tell me what to wear
Yeah, I need you to help me comb my hair
Yeah, I need you to help me tie my shoes
Yeah, I need you to come keep me amused
From my cave to my grave
I guess I'll always be a child
Well, I need you to come help me reach the door
And I need you to walk me to the store
And I need you to please explain the war
And I need you to heal me when I'm sore
You can tell by my smile
That I'm a child
And I need you to sit me on your lap
And I need you to make me take my nap
Could you pull out a book and read me some of that?
'Cause I need you to make me take my nap
And I need you to recognize my friends
'Cause they're there even though you don't see them
They got their own chair, a plate, and a seat
You know I won't touch my food unless they eat
From the roof to the floor, crawl around some more
I'm a child
And I need you to help me blow my nose
And I need you to help me count my toes
And I need you to help me put on my clothes
And I need you to hide it where it shows
From being my daddy's sperm
to being packed in an urn
I'm a child
And when I steal you gotta smack me 'til I cry
Don't you stop 'til all the tears run dry
See I was born thinking all under the sky
Didn't belong to a couple of white guys
From sucking on my momma's breast
to when they lay my
soul to rest
I'm a child, yeah


Anonymous said...

before you're taken away by the siae, i want to tell you one thing: awesome.
And it's incredible that you have the time to do things such this AND work for food.
While I don't work and I play guitar with a fucking pick not knowing the position of the notes to play (how's "accordi" in english?).
Now the request: can you pleas, please tell me what we've learned? No, I mean: can you please please execute what's up from the 4 non blondes? do it for me. do it!

B. said...

why are you always the FIRST posting a comment? I feel prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

Obviously because I check your blog almost every day, firs. And second, because there are 3 guys posting comments here: me, a friend of yours who postos in italian and you. I've got the 33.3 period % of chances, assuming that you could be posting comments for first on your own blog. Assuming not, my chances are even higher.
Fuck it, what did you expect from your #1 fan and nonetheless your disciple?

B. said...

I expect you to stop using the "F word". That won't make you sound more english. Well, maybe. But it's xmas time, so be polite. And, "#1 fan", get ready for the Xmas single, which is almost ready. watch this space... (as if you didn't watch it nonetheless, you stalker).

Anonymous said...

Stalker :D
I'll stop using the word with the F, and maybe the one with the N too, as long as you call Christmas CHRISTmas, as it should be. Let's give Caesar what's Caesar's.
Of course i'll keep watching and posting.