Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The day I ran out of ink

Andrea Babich, self-portrait à la Bird Studio,
fading coloured marking pens, 1999

One of the reasons I stopped drawing was maybe that, at a certain point, my marking pens ran out of ink.
I agree, it's pure craziness. Shops do exist, and markers are not made of gold (even if Stabilo Pen 68, my favourite ones, are quite close to that). Still, as a young Bisboch, I often used this kind of self-imposed ineluctability as an excuse to avoid doing things. I still look for excuses, but at least I try and fool myself in more sophisticated ways. What a loss of time, anyway.
Excuses! I should write more about this, but alas, I'm running out of ink again...

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Anonymous said...

what a joker. My excuse for stop drawing is that i suck at drawing, and I think that mine is a better one.