Wednesday, 28 November 2007

More or less.... More or less.

Ten Girls for Me They're Enough,

a Luscio Battisti cover translated on the fly,

november 2007


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! YOU ARE MY Fucking master! fuck yeah!
although i don't belive you when you say you translated it on the fly (since ME NEITHER could do such a thing! lol just kid) the execution is amazing! you could do it as a job, and by the way, when's your first cd comin out as you told me?

besides, can I do it too with La canzone del sole, wich its actuyaly the only song I can do right now? I hate to copy things from other but you are my master...

B. said...

ahahhaha, thanks. It didn't want to be a clean execution, it wanted to be honest, that's all I can aim to.
there will be no CD, sorry... there has been some direction change (my fault) and this is where you'll going to listen some new original songs by me. When? Don't know.
Talking about la canzone del sole:
funnily enough, Battisti DID record a proper english version in the 1977 album Images. Check the lyrics here:

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah you're right... i have it too. Lol. By the way, since i'm awful at singing while playng (this song overall) I don't think i'll do such a thing early.
I'll keep stayng tuned on your blog as always.
And don't stay off the msn just cause you're afraid of women! :D

jps said...

vogliamo altri adattamenti! deve diventare una serie!!