Monday 24 September 2007

The Green Fairy of PelinkoJazz

When you want to taste
real wormwood, not aniseed.

The DJ Set went well. Even if there was a sort of rave party at a wonderful venue, the Old Harbour of Trieste, lots of people came to The Grip Light Club, and they seemed to enjoy the evening with The Fuffa. To tell the truth I didn't feel much creative in my musical choices - it's easy to make people dance to The Smiths' Panic, or to the original Tainted Love by Gloria Jones. Old, abused tricks. It was way more exciting seeing my friend and fellow deejay Gizu at work. He kept dancers happy with some very peculiar selections, such as New York Dolls' Personality Crisis or The Sweet's Balroom Blitz. Piece by piece, he created his own DJ style, so that, next time, people will know what to expect. Which songs, or just which kind of audio coherence. That's fundamental, as Pavlov would tell you.

While I was thinking too much as usual, I felt nonetheless encouraged in creating emptiness into my mind thanks to PelinkoJazz. PelinkoJazz is a cocktail made with the Pelinkovac liquor (based on the very same wormwood used to distillate absynth) plus seltz, ice and a lemon slice. Move over, Baudelaire. PelinkoJazz makes you meet the Green Fairy way before you can say "fleurs du mal" in Serbo-Croatian.

At 3 AM me, Gizu, the Green Fairy and several other nice persons decided it was time to join the rave party. I was anxious to do some social research, look at the druggy youngsters with a snobbish grin and feel old, wise, healthy and boring. But the Green Fairy of PelinkoJazz didn't let me keep such a relaxed attitude. She led me to the pier of the old harbour, where we smoked together/alone my last cigarette. The rave music, distorted by the wind gusts and the Fairy whispers, sounded a lot like Metamorphosis by Philip Glass. And I broke down, because no one can resist Metamorphosis.
Damn green fairies. Have fun with them - just don't trust them.
Metamorphosis... I guess that hatching from a cocoon is far from being painless - even for fairies.


Anonymous said...

Main warnings about having sex with Fairies?
btw I want to try hard to learn guitar, to play Patience of gnr.

About your brakedown, it's only teenage wasteland - although if you are 33.

B. said...

Oh, man. When someone says "teenage wasteland", I feel a ARP synthesizer resounding in my mind. I can't help with that.

Jesus Christ, to learn guitar to play Patience is like to learn levitation just because you're too lazy to walk.

Anonymous said...

well, not 'just', but also...

...sally take my hand...