Saturday, 5 July 2008

La lunga estate calda - II

Come recita il comunicato stampa ufficiale:

"The Bisboch's Amateur One Man Band performs Modern Guilt, title track from the upcoming Beck Album, due to be released in a few days. So, um, yes, the cover song has been released before the original song.

Please forgive the sloppiness of: arrangement, execution, video editing, timing, everything. I didn't have much time, so I acted on a "plug & play, take 1 is okay" basis. It doesn't want to be a good cover version, rather a proof of concept of the paradoxicality of the Internet: yes, you can release a cover before the original. This fulfills the vision of Devo, who once claimed that their version of "Satisfaction" was indeed the original one, and the Stones did a cover (since the world is devolving and therefore going backwards).
Apart from that, this wants to be a rather unorthodox tribute to the most unorthodox genius of contemporary music: Beck Hansen".

E poi che palle, le cover di cnoching on even's dor. Mi sono divertito molto di più a fare la cover di un pezzo fresco, di cui non conosco nemmeno ancora bene il sapore, improvvisandone l'arrangiamento, quasi beandomi della totale disastrosità del tutto sotto il profilo tecnico. Low Fi.


I feel uptight when I walk in the city
I feel so cold when I'm at home
Feels like everything's starting to hit me
I lost my baby ten minutes ago

Modern guilt, I'm stranded with nothing
Modern guilt, I'm under lock and key
Misapprehension turning into convention
Don't know what I've done
But I feel ashamed

Standing outside the cracks on the sidewalk
These people talk about impossible things
And I'm falling out the conversation
And I'm a pawn piece in a human shield

Modern guilt is all in our hands
Modern guilt won't get me today
Say what you will, it's something I sing about
Don't know what I've done
But I feel afraid


Anonymous said...

Che brutta faccia che ha quello che suona quella specie di piattino.
Hey, voglio una versione techno di "Shigeru".
A 24 bit.

Anonymous said...

Pare che la conferenza Nintendo all'E3 sia stata scandalosa. Praticamente non hanno presentato niente di quello che il pubblico si aspettava.
Per esempio io aspettavo uno Zelda nuovo...